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Are you tired of waiting for your friend to go and sport with them? Maybe you wanna try out new sports or you're just looking for that one person to fill your sport session. Worry no more because there's always someone near you who's feeling Sporty.

Who are we?

Our ambition with SPORTY is to create an engaged community of fun, open-minded and SPORTY people. We want to bring young people together through exercise, while giving them the opportunity to discover new sports together. We also believe a healthy lifestyle is essential for a happy & successful life. That’s why we want to motivate each other to exercise, push each other to new limits and to step out of our comfort zone, so we can meet new people. If you want to be a part of our sporty community, just join us & let’s play sports together! You’re always more than welcome.

Our team

We founded SPORTY, because we noticed it’s not that easy to mobilize friends to exercise together. Especially when we wanted to play teamsports, we had a lot of trouble finding others to fill our sport sessions. Besides that, we also wanted to meet new people while working-out, and start discovering new sports with others. That’s when it hit us: Why don’t we just make an app that makes all of the above possible? And that’s how SPORTY came to life.

Meet our team

Wouter Gossenearts


What I really like about SPORTY is that the app gives me the possibility to discover a wide range of new sports.

Deni Askhabov

CTO & developer

Thanks to SPORTY, I’m able to easily plan sport sessions with friends, where we can meet like-minded people.

Maxime Troiano

Backend Engineer

For me, SPORTY is the perfect way to get to know other young people who are playing the same sports as me.

Mikiyas Astatke

Multimedia Specialist

When I want to play basketball, it’s sometimes difficult to gather enough players, SPORTY solves this in one swipe.

What can Sporty do
for you

Find sporters nearby

Sporty makes it incredibly easy to play sports with people nearby which can make your workouts way more fun and motivating.

Create your own event

Sporty allows you to create your own sport events so that people nearby can see and join them. Because there's always someone feeling Sporty nearby.

Invite friends

Not only will you be able to join events alone but you will also be able to invite friends to events.


Available on

Sporty is available from 7th of May on IOS and Android.

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