Play sports with people nearby

Are you tired of waiting for your friend to go and sport with them? Maybe you wanna try out new sports or you're just looking for that one person to fill your sport session. Worry no more because there's always someone near you who's feeling Sporty.

Our Story

Our story started at the library of Agora while we were studying Informatics in the KUL. We (Maxime Troiano and Mikiyas Astatke) thought of an idea to sport with people nearby. For a month we processed the idea to make it better. We thought of the features we were going to use. When we knew exactly what we wanted to make, the co-founder and developer of the app Maxime Troiano started the making process of the app in December but since we had no design he was stuck. So in April we received the design of the app from Fauve Troiano (Godmother of Maxime Troiano). As soon as we had the design Maxime Troiano brought the idea back to life in 2 month. At that time he was working full-time so he would start developing the app from 7pm until 1am for 2 month straight. After all the hard work we are glad to announce you that the app will be officially released the 23rd of June.

What can Sporty do
for you

Find sporters nearby

Sporty makes it incredibly easy to play sports with people nearby which can make sporting way more fun and motivating.

Create your own event

Sporty allows you to create your own sport events so that people nearby can see and join them. Because there's always someone feeling Sporty nearby.

Invite friends

Not only will you be able to join events alone but you will also be able to invite friends to events.


Available on

Sporty is available from 23rd of June on IOS and Android.

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